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I am John Mark and I am the lecturer at the Paul G. Allen School of Math and Engineering at the University of Chicago where I was a faculty member from 2003F from 2013 to 2012, and presented J.C. J. Bowen Professor of Enovation in Engineering Education. I have done my Ph.D. from University and London and went for undergraduate studies at Rice University. I like to work on research and in the field of linguistics, from theory to design. I have also worked closely with researchers in many other Math disciplines, particularly formulas, their origin and software problems, and have served on thirty conference committees and program committees and served as Chair of PLDI Program 2018. Can we have Omnipapers soon in the week? I have also showed my services on the ACM SIGPLAN Executive Committee, ACM / IEEE-CS 2013 Computer Science curriculum, and ACM Board of Education.

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