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Hi my name is Taylor, I am 17 years old and I’ve been playing guitar for about 6 years now. I create and cover various Zelda songs created by Konji Kondo. Ever since I was young I grew up fascinated with the stories behind Zelda and learned very wise morals, sayings, and views from them. As years past, I still cling on to this particular series because during my childhood it happened to be my only best friend at the time.
Playing the games was the easy part; grabbing a guitar and play their music was intense and sometimes frustrating. Today I continue to spread this childhood nostalgia to every person I meet, maybe one day I’ll long for my childhood just the same.
Besides my dreams, I’ve been to places and done things that very few actually do in their lives. Long ago I used to be an Online MMoRPG Fanatic, and on some games and servers I was even staff. I used to work for Blizzard, MassiveCraft, Bukkit Forums, HeroCraft, Cambreya, and Amestria. All of them were fun and very interesting games, but I kept feeling this hole in my chest. A hole that made me feel “incomplete” and I ended up either resigning or getting fired from those MMoRPG Servers due to lack of activity towards their community.
I wondered about the internet for a few months, mostly bored, when I came across something rather interesting. My eyes spotted a small Zelda site named Zelda Sanctuary. At first I was thrilled to join quickly, and then I thought it out for a while. I became discouraged for a few days due to the past website relationships and their community supportives. I eventually joined up and applied for staff.
Now in the present, I don’t regret ever joining Zelda Sanctuary, because I would have never been so happy as I am today. I am finally complete, and I don’t ever want to go back to the past anymore. I’m living in the present and I’ve meet the love of my life.
I would like to thank my fans, supportives, friends, and my close ones for always keeping me head strong and brave. I thank you for staying through all these tough and harsh YouTube Career years. I thank you for just that, being you.
So much Love,

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