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August 17, 2012


Dallas, TX

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My name is Christian Carroll and guess what? I sell Christian Jewelry on the internet. A lot of people think it's really weird that my name is Christian and that I'm in that same industry. What can I say? God made me the woman who I am and put me on this earth for a reason. My husband tells me that he wanted me to start a Christian Jewelry Store which is why I was named that. I think it's just hilarious.

Here's the really weird part about me. I love playing guitar and I'm a video game nerd. People think that a woman in her 40's can't love video games and also sell christian jewelry. Well, they're all wrong. I'm a huge fan of Mario and I just recently got a guitar just to learn all of the songs. I think playing guitar is something else that God really wanted me to do. My husband has to put up with me learning how to play but he's patient. Sometimes I have to balance running my christian jewelry store and playing guitar. That sounds weird but it's the truth. Anyways, looking forward to playing some guitar!

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