Town (Ultima III: Exodus) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Jan 13, 2010 by diralark (Last updated: Oct 12, 2011)

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Game: Ultima III: Exodus
Composer(s): Tsugutoshi Goto
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle

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                              TOWN    from  Ultima III Exodus

Music by Tsugutoshi Goto >> Sequenced by Telavar >> Tab by diralark (with help from Auriplane)

Guitar, Drop-D tuning, tempo 144,  let ring
              ^                                 ^                             
      Q       H        Q    Q    E  E   Q       H        Q    Q    Q    Q     

  ^             I    -]             ^                              ^                               
  H        Q    Q    E  E   Q       H        Q    H        Q       H        Q    Q    E  E   Q     

  ^                               ^                                           |---3---|                               
  H        Q    Q    Q    Q       H        Q    Q    E  E   Q       Q    Q    E   E   E  H        Q     

  ^                                 ^                                 ^                               
  H        Q    Q    E  E   Q       H        Q    Q    Q    E   E     H        Q    Q    E  E   Q     

  ^                              ^                                 ^             (rall. -----------
  H        Q    H        Q       H        Q    Q    E  E   Q       H        Q    Q    Q    E   E   

--------------------------> T:124)   1.____________________________________________
                     V (3)              --]                                                           
  ^                                    ^                             ^                               
  H        Q    Q    E     E   Q       H.           H        Q       H        Q    Q    E  E   Q     

  II            -]                                                                                
  ^                               ^                                 ^                             
  H        Q    Q    Q    Q       H        Q    Q    E  E   Q       H        Q    Q    Q    Q     

  ^                                 ^                               ^                               
  H        Q    Q    E  E   Q       H        Q    Q    Q    Q       H        Q    Q    E  E   Q     

                                        ^                                 ^                               
  Q    Q    E   E   E  H        Q       H        Q    Q    E  E   Q       H        Q    Q    Q    E   E   

  ^                                 ^                              ^                               
  H        Q    Q    E  E   Q       H        Q    H        Q       H        Q    Q    E  E   Q     

  ^                                 ^ (rall. ---------------------------------> T:122)                                                              
  H        Q    Q    Q    E   E     H        Q    Q    E  E   Q       H        Q    H.              

  H        Q    H.              H        W                  

W - whole
H - half
Q - quarter
E - 8th
. - note dotted
|-n-|  - n-tuplets
L - tied note
h - hammer on
p - pull off
^ - brush up
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7 comments on Town

The rhythm / note values are

The rhythm / note values are all wrong. This song is in 3, has a pickup, and you have it in 4 with no pickup, and it stutters because it alternates between notes that are too long, and too short. This song should look very simple, but it is confusing. Importing the MIDI did work at all in this case ;-(



I only did the first section, since it's just an example of one way the tab could be more correct. The notes are the same as your tab, except for a bass note you left out, but the rhythm is correct there, and it's much easier to read. See what I mean?

Great job !

Idd I was not happy about this tab, I worked yesterday on it for hours, This tab drove me crazy, coz this final version is really simple compared with midi file source, & i am agree with u, its hard to read & play, especially the .txt file. Well i just posted it today & u just need some minutes to understand, simplify, & post a correct tab wow u good... but now reading yr msgs i realize its not a 4/4 lol, me, Sibelius or Guitar Pro wasn't able to notice that fact. Yep i understood how u use Downstroke it's clever, its just what I tried to do yesterday, i am happy to find now "how to" . Of course yr tab is much more easier to read, & finally it was also my objective : write tab as simple as possible, no problemo if i failed on that soundtrack, im just a beginner :) anyway I am always happy lvl up my skills working on tabbing. Following yr model, I 'll soon fix this tab to the submission forum :) Thanks Auriplane for help & learn me these new "spells", u precious

Oh, don't take it as

Oh, don't take it as "failed". I am trying to help! :-) You can still make the tab good.

I know, as i said, yr advices

I know, as i said, yr advices are each times good so its help me to progress.
oh well about "Fail" i didnt thought it's a so terrible word, lol sorry my english is sometimes strange, coz i'm french so maybe its nosense for an english person to write that. Just I think "Fails" are usual in beginner learning, more than Success, anyway the most important is elsewhere & for me is first : the fun, second : the improvment of the tabbing skills. I can also noticed than I need to learn about music theory too, i hasn't enought music knowledge to assimilate a strange midi file like "Town (Ultima III: Exodus) Guitar Tab", theory sounds boring but necessary too :) well i 'm gonna work on it. I began learn tabbing & music software since somes weeks, then of course I appreciate advices & helps from master as u, because it's very so usefull to learn. Atm I enjoy tabbing some new nice soundtracks in same time lol, oh music it's definitly a really fun entertainment -(^^)-

Pretty sure Kenneth Arnold

Pretty sure Kenneth Arnold wrote this in '83. Tsugutoshi Goto may have covered it in the much later NES port. Glad to see some love for early Ultima tunes though.

indeed :)

I checked wikipedia, it says :

"Composer(s) : Ken Arnold (home computers) / Gotō Tsugutoshi (NES)"

(The NES version was made in 1988 by Tsugutoshi Goto)

"Commodore 64 1983 Origin Systems Complete soundtrack is included."

then I found the C64 soundtrack (1983) on youtube : ... Wow it sounds so good !! :D

So you are absolutly right, here's the guy :,83830/

it's probably the same thing about my another ultima tab :

hopefully I credited him :)