Mother Brain Battle (Super Metroid) Bass Tab

Submitted: Jan 19, 2009 by auriplane

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Game: Super Metroid
Composer(s): Kenji Yamamoto, Minako Hamano
Style: Transcription
Series: Metroid

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                 Super Metroid - Mother Brain Battle BASS TAB
                            Song by Kenji Yamamoto

                   Tabbed by auriplane ([email protected])

This song is in 7/8 time, so the fourth note is shorter.  

   Q     Q     Q     E   
G |---------------------|
D |---------------------|
A |---------------------|
E |2-----3-----4-----5--|

That's it :-)
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5 comments on Mother Brain Battle


that is not all there is!

Haha well it's all there is

Haha well it's all there is on BASS.

One day Juja and I were trying to fill out the rest of the tabs for the Super Metroid soundtrack, and we didn't end up doing all of them, but I did some little ones like this.

Did you want a tab for any of the other stuff in that song? I'll be the first to admit this isn't much of a tab ;-)

could you

could you please do the whole tab. the bass is menacing, but it still needs those high-pitched shrills to truly convey the sense of EPIC EVIL!!!

New tab? hmmmm

Not really however there is one tab I would like to see done!

Would you be able to do "Edwards Castle" from "Illusion of Gaia"?

Or the Town theme? Cause I really wanna see more illusion of Gaia guitar tabs :D



How is it not much of a tab when it contains the entirety of the song for bass?