Into the Thick of It (Secret of Mana) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Dec 17, 2008 by auriplane (Last updated: Oct 30, 2014)

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Game: Secret of Mana
Composer(s): Hiroki Kikuta
Style: Fingerstyle, Transcription
Series: Mana

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             Secret of Mana - Into the Thick of It GUITAR TAB
                         Song by Hiroki Kikuta

                Tabbed by auriplane ([email protected])

There's already a tab of the melody and such of this song on GameTabs.
I wanted to transcribe the guitar part from the song, so that's all this 
is, check out the other tab if you want the other stuff :-)

All notes are eighth notes.

    Part A (three times)

e |----1-------3---|----1-------3---|----1-------3---|----1-----3-0---|
B |3-1---3---1-0---|3-1---3---1-0-3-|3-1---3---1-0---|3-1---3---1-0---|
G |0-------2-------|0-------2-------|0-------2-------|0-------2-------|
D |0-----3-----2-3-|0-----3-----2-3-|0-----3-----2-3-|0-----3-----2-3-|
A |--------------3-|--------------3-|--------------3-|--------------3-|
E |------3---------|------3-----1---|------3---------|------3---1-1---|

    Part B (two times)

e |----2-------4---|----2-------4---|----2-------4---|----2-----4-1---|
B |4-2---4---2-1---|4-2---4---2-1-4-|4-2---4---2-1---|4-2---4---2-1---|
G |1-------3-------|1-------3-------|1-------3-------|1-------3-------|
D |1-----4-----3-4-|1-----4-----3-4-|1-----4-----3-4-|1-----4-----3-4-|
A |--------------4-|--------------4-|--------------4-|--------------4-|
E |------4---------|------4-----2---|------4---------|------4---2-2---|

   (But you should probably record the second half separately with a capo on 1)

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