Troian Beauty (Final Fantasy IV) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Jan 17, 2008 by Kabukibear (Last updated: Sep 26, 2009)

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Game: Final Fantasy IV
Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle
Series: Final Fantasy

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Troian Beauty                                   
~Final Fantasy IV~
Composed by: Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged by: Justin Lincoln

Drop D Tuning


     S S S S S S S S S S S S    S S S S S S S S S S S S      E  E  E  E  E  E   

  E  E  E  E  E  E     E  E  E  E  E  E     E  E  E  E  E  E   

  E  E  E  E  E  E     E  E  E  E  E  E     E  E  E  E  E  E   

  ^                                       ^                
  Q.     E  E  E     E  E  E  E  E  E     Q.     E  E  E   

  E  E  S S E  E  E     E  E  S S E  E  E     E  E  E  E  E  E   

  Q.     E  E  E     E  E  E  E  E  E     Q.     E  E  E   

  E  E  E  E  S S E     E  E  E  E  S S E     E  E  E  E  E  E   

  E  E  E  E  E  E       Q.     Q.        H.             

Duration Legend
W - whole
H - half
Q - quarter
E - 8th
S - 16th
T - 32nd
X - 64th
. - note dotted
|-n-|  - n-tuplets

Tablature Legend
L - tied note
v - brush down
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10 comments on Troian Beauty

Thanks for posting it

Thanks for posting it

Oh hellz yeah. Very nice.

Oh hellz yeah. Very nice.

one of the most fulfilling

one of the most fulfilling pieces i've played in a long time.. thanks dude

Cool-heeeey waitaminute.

Cool-heeeey waitaminute. this is that game I bought for the ds for 40 bucks and sold two days later for half of that because it sucked. Oh well. Nice tab Kabuki (as always)

Ahhh, great!


Ahhh, great!


one of my favorites! thank you for the excellence!



Bootiful, just bootiful.



So I was thinking about that intro. It's essentially supposed to be a harp, which means trying to play it as "harp-style" on the guitar as you can, which means letting the notes ring out as long as possible. So I came up with the following. It is the exact same notes, but played on different strings. I like the first two notes as natural harmonics on the 12th fret, but they CAN be fretted (but can sound REAL bad if your intonation isn't perfect). Let me know what y'all think.


For maximum effect, I recommend waiting until the last second to add or remove fretted noted with your fingers. This means you're never really making a chord shape, it'd feel more like lead guitar for your left hand.

Also, I made a few other changes to my own version that I just personally like that don't change much, so if you want a TAB of my version just for to compare or whatever, I can email it to whoever may inquire.

I really, really love these arrangements Kabuki Bear. Thank you so much for sharing them. I grabbed a few other ones you've done. They are some of the best I've seen.

i can't say which i like

i can't say which i like better but i did always want the intro to ring throughout. im interested in how else you've changed the tab. can you send me a link at [email protected]

My goodness, what an

My goodness, what an improvement on that intro. Excellent thinking, Gary!