People Who've Abandoned the Will to Live (Chrono Trigger) Bass Tab

Submitted: Dec 30, 2008 by auriplane

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Game: Chrono Trigger
Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Noriko Matsueda
Style: Transcription
Series: Chrono

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        Chrono Trigger - People Who Abandoned The Will To Live BASS TAB
                             Song by Nobuo Uematsu

                   Tabbed by auriplane ([email protected])

This song is pretty simple, with one trick.  The slide at the end
is a tritone on two strings, and keeping that in tune all the way 
up is hard, especially on fretless.  So, tune your G string a half
step sharp, and bar it from 12 to 24.  If you do that, it's easy.

This song is in 6/8 time, except that slide at the end, which is
held for an extra quarter note or so, so I marked that one a whole 

Four-string bass, sharp G tuning.  Fretless recommended.

    Repeat this part 5x:

   Q.       E  Q      H          (E) E   Q.       E  E  E   E  E  H
D |------------10----|---------------14-|------------10h11-|12----------------|
A |---------12-------|------------------|---------12-------|---11-------------|
E |10----------------|10---------(10)---|10----------------|------10----------|

    Rest for 8 measures.

   H.                 H.                 H.                 W
D |------------------|------------------|------------------|12/24-------------|
A |------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------|
E |10----------------|10----------------|10----------------|------------------|
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