Ilwrath (Star Control 2) Bass Tab

Submitted: Jun 04, 2011 by auriplane

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Game: Star Control 2
Composer(s): Dan Nicholson
Style: Transcription

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                       Star Control 2 - Ilwrath BASS TAB
                           Composed by Dan Nicholson

                   Tabbed by auriplane ([email protected])

Okay, this bassline is really deep.  It sounds kind of cool, though.  If you
have a bass with a low B string, tune it down to G:

G |----------------|
D |----------------|
A |--3-------------|
E |----------0-1---|
G |5---5-6-0-----5-|

Otherwise, play it an octave up, in standard tuning:

G |--5-------------|
D |----------2-3---|
A |3---3-4-------3-|
E |--------3-------|

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