Itsumo Nando Demo (Spirited Away) Guitar Tab

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Game: Spirited Away
Composer(s): Joe Hisaishi
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle

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Itsumo Nando Demo
~Spirited Away~
Composed by: Joe Hisaishi
Arranged by: Justin Lincoln

Drop D Tuning

     Q    Q    Q       Q    Q    Q       Q    Q    Q       Q    Q    E  E

    E  E  Q    E  E     Q    Q    Q       E  E  Q    E  E     Q    Q    E  E

  Q    Q    E  E     Q    Q    E  E     Q    E  E  E  E     Q    Q    E  E

  E  E  Q    E  E     Q    Q    Q       E  E  Q    E  E     Q    Q    Q

                                                          1st Ending-------
  Q    Q    E  E     Q    Q    E  E     Q    E  E  E  E     Q    Q    Q

                                                         2nd Ending-------
  Q    Q    Q       Q    Q    Q       Q    Q    E  E       Q    Q    Q

  Q    Q    E  E     Q    Q    Q       Q    E  E  E  E     Q    Q    Q

  Q    E  E  E  E     Q    Q    E  E     Q    Q    E  E     Q    E  E  E  E

  Q    Q    E  E     Q    Q    Q       Q    E  E  E  E     Q    Q    Q

  E  E  E  E  E  E     Q    E  E  E  E     Q    Q    E  E     Q    E  E  E  E

  ^       Da Capo

Duration Legend
W - whole
H - half
Q - quarter
E - 8th
S - 16th
T - 32nd
X - 64th
. - note dotted
|-n-|  - n-tuplets

Tablature Legend
1st Ending/2nd Ending - Play 1st ending and repeat as normal,
then jump 1st ending and play 2nd ending
Da Capo - Play from the beginning, including all repeats
^ - brush up
v - brush down
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14 comments on Itsumo Nando Demo

This is one of my faves from

This is one of my faves from you.

cgseth's recording inspired

cgseth's recording inspired me to learn this. Awesome awesome awesome tab! So much fun to play.

hey what do the asterisks


hey what do the asterisks mean??

They're repeat signs. When

They're repeat signs. When you see them at the END of a measure look back in the piece and find the measure that has them at the BEGINNING of it. You repeat the piece from there. In the case of this piece is also has 1st and 2nd endings. So you have to play it as follows: Play from the beginning, when you reach 1st ending, play it through as normal. When you get to the repeat sign, go back to measure 5 and play that section over. When you reach the 1st Ending this time, instead of playing it, jump to the 2nd ending and play that all the way to the end. When you see where it says da capo, jump all the way back to the first measure and do it all over again. When you get to the last measure this time, stop, you're done.

A classic to behold


A classic to behold

Does this song remind anyone


Does this song remind anyone else of Canon? You know, the song that's often used at weddings?

Anyways, this is perfect, and just in my skill range, for the most part. x3 Nice job.

Great tab


Everyone I've played it to has liked it



i'll make a vid if there isn't one. already have it ready to go. :D very great tab kabuki. a nickle!!


Thanks Justin. I've been a huge fan but this time I had to register a gametabs account just to say thanks for this tab.

nice work

am a beginner in guitar play.this post helped me alot in ma practices..keep posting codes.i'll follow your postsaffordable business cards

thank you, makes me want to


thank you, makes me want to watch the movie one more time...



Awesome tab, but should mention that you should put capo on 2 or 3

easy to practice for me


havent seen the movie, will watch it. love the tab its quite accessible


wouldn't it be more compact to get rid of the repeat on the fourth measure and the last three measures in ending one?