Sabbath (Saya no Uta) Guitar Tab

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Game: Saya no Uta
Composer(s): Masayoshi Murakami, Yoh Ohyama, Toshimichi Isoe, Yoshihiro Kawagoe, Syntaro Jimbo, Ikuko Ebata
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle, Natural harmonics

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Title: Sabbath
SubTitle: Saya No Uta
Artist: Yoshihiro Kawagoe
Tabber: Mitch Jackson
Tempo = 80
T/S = 4/4

Tuning = Every string but the 5th (A) string down 2 semi-tones. This just makes the piece easier to play.

There is an explanation at the bottom of the tab about how i play this piece. GLHF (っ◕‿◕)っ

     E  E  E  E  H                E  E  E  E  H                E  E  E  E  H                E  E  E  E  H
D |-----------0--L-------------|----------------------------|-----------0--L-------------|----------------------------|
A |--------0-------------------|----------------------------|--------0-------------------|----------------------------|
F |-----0----------------------|-----------7--L-------------|-----0----------------------|-----------7--L-------------|
C |----------------------------|--------7-------------------|----------------------------|--------7-------------------|
A |----------------------------|-----8----------------------|----------------------------|-----8----------------------|
D |--8-------------------------|--7-------------------------|--8-------------------------|--7-------------------------|

      E  E  E  E  H                E  E  E  E  H                E  E  E  E  H                E  E  E  E  H

     E  E  E  E  H                E  E  E  E  H                E  E  E  E  H                E  E  E  E  H

      E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E       E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E       E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E       E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E

     E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E       E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E       E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E       E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E     

     E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E       E  E  E  E  Q     Q          E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E       E  E  E  E  Q     Q

     E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E       E  E  E  E  Q     Q          E  E  E  E  E  E  E  E       E  E  E  E  Q     Q

     W                            W                             

This tab uses a technique of pivoting from a full barre to a partial barre to expose the top strings for 
playing open notes and natural harmonics.

  |-------------<12>-----------| For example on this chord i barre the 7th fret up until the 4th note   
  |--10---------<12>-----------| is played then i pivot off the top strings leaving the bottom strings 
  |--7--------7----------------| fretted, (mainly the bottom 2 strings), and use my pinky to play the  
  |--------7-------------------| two natural harmonic notes. This means you will maintain bass notes but  
  |-----8----------------------| will lose the middle notes, however the chord still has quite a full sound.

  |--10-------------------0----| Similarly with this chord i barre the 5th fret up until around the 
  |--------------------0-------| 5th/6th note is played then pivot off the top two strings to play 
  |-----------7-----7----------| them open. This means, depending on how you chose to fret the notes,
  |--------5-----5-------------| that your index finger will be barring the bottom 3 strings and 
  |-----5----------------------| your middle finger will be fretting the 3rd string 7th fret, with 
  |--5-------------------------| the top two strings open.
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5 comments on Sabbath

Aw yeah~


So, D standard with the A-string tuned back up (to A)? Easy enough. De-barring for open notes? Been doing it for years lol. Nice job, I recognized this from the VN right away!

Man I wish the VN would get turned into an anime... Maybe an OVA series like Corpse Party or Hellsing Ultimate so it isn't butchered with censorship for a television airing.

Yea its pretty common to

Yea its pretty common to de-barre lol but i thought i'd leave a short explanation for anyone that might be having trouble figuring out how to play this piece (・ω・)b

Yea i reckon directed right this VN would make a cool OVA series, minus certain scenes in the game
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Song of Song of Saya

Hehe I think I know which scenes. I played the game because it was reputed to have Lovecraftian elements (big fan here), and I knew it had H-scenes... but I was still completely caught off guard for some of those *cough* things that happened!

So you gonna do Song of Saya I or II? *fingers crossed*

I don't think i ever

I don't think i ever considered those songs for tabbing, they certainly didn't catch my ear as something i would play, however listening to both they sound pretty straight forward and repetitive but i get the feeling they could be a bit tricky to arrange, (just a feeling...). If i were to tab one it would be song of saya II as they both sound pretty much the same but II is less noisy.

I've actually been slowly working on an arrangement for the track silent sorrow but its turned out to be a bit of a menace to arrange and could end up being quite a hard tab. But i haven't done any work on it for a quite a while, getting too distracted
by other songs lol ┐( ̄~ ̄)┌

I hear ya

I know what you mean. I actually tabbed a bit of Saya II out a long while back, but didn't do anything with it. That tune is probably the standout track from the game for me because it has that creepy sound to it with the "La, la-la" part and all. I think it plays during a lot of the really disturbing scenes.

Silent Sorrow is another good one. I could see that making a good arrangement. Lots of parts to choose between though. Good luck with that ;) I've had one of the game ending songs, Shoes of Glass by Kanako Ito, tabbed out past the first verse since forever ago. But I haven't worked on it for a while. The tab just wasn't playing out as great as I had envisioned...