Request: Coiled Copper Wire from Mega Man 2

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I'm a huge fan of OC Remix. However, most of the time I listen to the remixes of games I have played.

That said, this remix of MM2's Metal Man song is marvelous. 3 to 4 guitars to make this one hell of a remix. Usually, Metal Man is getting a heavy-metal remake, but such mixes like those are often inferior to classicly played songs.

I haven't asked the remixer for tabs, but I doubt he'll post them online. And if it's anything like "Daydreamin'" from FFVII, (tab posted somewhere , but very fast pulled off and nowhere to be found anymore... Damn that I did not downloaded that!) this request will be very long on top of the requests.

Anyway, if someone wants to tab 4 guitars in one song, I would appreciate it. Thanks to those who try!

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Coiled Copper Wire

Hey there! Heh I make it a habit to check around to see how the net receives my mixes and always am looking for ways to improve, and I happened to stumble upon your request here! First off, I'm glad you dig the song. That definitely means a lot!

Now, on to what you're asking. I've never been good at writing tabs and I'm pretty tied up with work and my current musical obligaitons, otherwise I'd give it a crack. However, what I can do (and did) is bounce out the individual guitar tracks so that each one is isolated and whoever can tab by ear is more than welcome to give it a shot. <--- that's the ZIP with all five tracks

It was performed on a Hohner HW 300G-TBK in Drop D tuning (I believe, I can't remember that well) and recorded through an MXL-991 pencil condenser run into a Lexicon Lambda.

Keep on rocking!


Wow, that's really helpful!

Wow, that's really helpful! Very kind of you :-)

By the way, it's one of the best OCRs I've heard (though I'm biased in favor of real instruments!). What strings do you use?

Thanks for individual tracks!

Hey Level99,

Thank you very much for responding. I was taking a break and checking after a while how things are going on and I saw your response. Glad to see you've entered this site as well.

It's just fantastic that you posted the individual tracks for us to tab. I thank you for doing this. Usually, I tab through ear and if possible through eyes when the guitar and fingers are viewable on an internet-video. I'll try to tab some tracks not this weekend, but the weekend hereafter.

As for the tuning, if you remember correctly, were all tracks Drop-D tuned? Thanks for replying already! ;) I'm not really familiar with the types of guitars and recording devices, but thanks for the details anyway.

Great song, great play and hope to hear more from your arrangements!


I got started. Here's what I

I got started. Here's what I have so far, don't know if I'll finish it or not

EDIT: I tabbed a little more.

Should I put that 777xxx part as x022xx?

Great that you started.

Thanks for starting, auriplane. I'll try to view them, once I have tuxguitar up and running on my computer. Unfortunately, all my stuff is on a broken laptop, so I hope to retrieve my tabs in the end of next week.

You'll be hearing from me!

I don't have the program to

I don't have the program to open .gp5 files :( :( :(

I know, this might count as a

I know, this might count as a necropost, but I'm also after the tabs for this track!

@Level 99 you might want to check out a trial version of Guitar Pro, or a freeware alternative like tux guitar.
And I'd like to see that your OCR Tracks rank among my favorites, I really really dig your guitar arrangements!

@auriplane that sounds pretty good so far, have you made any progress since, well, last year?


Sorry, haven't worked on it!

Sorry, haven't worked on it! I'm probably not going to right now :-(

I know this as necropost as

I know this as necropost as it gets, but any chance of a new attempt?