Request: Dragon Quest Solo Guitar Collection from Tracklist (Translation)

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hey everyone,
this is not a typical request and it's not for a song. It's a request for the translation of the tracklist of the "Dragon Quest Solo Guitar Collection"-Songbook, which is availabe at or If tried some programs like "Readiris" to translate the japanese, but it doesn't really work. Can someone help me? thx in advance.

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Um sure why not. Give me a

Um sure why not. Give me a few.

Okay, my internet is being

Okay, my internet is being mean, so I hope this goes through. This is just a quick translation, I'm not guaranteeing its accuracy or anything. I found a different website which had a more complete list, and showed which games they were from, so I worked from that one.

The website I found is here:

Anyway here it is:

Dragon Quest I

1. Overture
2. Castle Ladatorm
3. Go to the Plains
4. Townspeople
5. Finale

Dragon Quest II

6. Royal Castle
7. Distant Journey
8. Holy Shrine
9. Eternal World
10. Go to the Ocean
11. My Road, My Journey

Dragon Quest III

12. Royal Palace Rondo Night
13. Town
14. Boogie Woogie at the Bar
15. And to the Legend
16. In Alefgard

Dragon Quest IV

17. Royal Palace Minuet
18. Home of the Hero

Dragon Quest V

19. Royal Palace Trumpet
20. Flying Carpet
21. To the Great Deep
22. Sky Castle

Dragon Quest VI

23. In the Sun That Shines Through the Trees
24. Time of Sorrow
25. A Prayer to God

Dragon Quest VII

26. Royal Palace Horn
27. Peaceful Houses
28. Days of Sorrow
29. Street Corner Resting
30. Lost World
31. Toura Dance
32. Rock the Boat
33. Ruler of the Ocean
34. To My Lover
35. Peaceful Earth
36. Over the Horizon

Dragon Quest VIII

37. Pulling the Coach
38. To the Vast World
39. Peaceful City
40. Healing Hymn
41. Quiet Town
42. My Heart...
43. Oh Yeah, That Time When...
44. Moving Past That Painful Time
45. Royal Palace Gavotte
46. Memories of the Sea
47. Dialogue
48. Playing These Feelings Through My Harp
49. Flying Through The Sky
50. Fanfare (Small)
51. Fanfare (Medium)
52. Fanfare (Large)
53. Inn
54. Church
55. Save
56. Harp ME 1
57. Level Up
58. Friends
59. Wiped Out

yay!! :D

very nice translation! thank you so much, that's so kind of you! that really helps me and is far more than i ever expected, i thought this thread will be deleted or something... anyway, thank you.
i bought the songbook, do you want me to scan and upload it? ;) just kidding... ... or am i...?

You're welcome ^-^ I finally

You're welcome ^-^ I finally did something useful after studying Japanese for eleven years! Hee.


here is a request-thread, tell me which one you want and i will pm you the link