Request: cithadere's requiem from runescape

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i would really like some guitar tabs of this song. either in standard tuning or d-drop.please send me a message when it is done

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So hey

I always wanted to learn this song on guitar, so I thought I might try to tab it. Did you want the vocals tabbed, or did you just it tabbed for the instruments to allow the player to sing along?

thanks for respone

the instrument was what i had in mind but everything would be awesome


Alright, I'll definitely see what I can do, especially since this is a song I've always been interested in! :)

i cant believe this is what

i cant believe this is what runescape looks like now. I wish it had looked like this 7 or 8 years ago :(

Ha, understandable

Runescape has progressed a lot in the last 2 years, let alone the last 7 or 8. Graphics updates were what fans wanted most, so Jagex complied and boosted it a lot :P