Request: Decisive Battle (lonlonjp version) from Final Fantasy VI

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One of the best songs of Final Fantasy VI, arranged by one of the best guitar players on Youtube. It would be great if somebody tabbed this piece, since this arrangement's a bit hard and that makes a good opportunity to practice this holiday. \o/
(Capo:5; Normal Tuning)

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its already been tabbed out

Uh..It's not the same song.

Actually Vic9mm, this tab you linked is for the normal "Battle Theme".The one I asked was "The Decisive Battle", which is a boss theme..^^'
Just take a look a the diference:

Battle Theme (the one already tabbed)
The Decisive Battle (the one I asked)

So, if anyone's interested, please tab this one!

Sorry about that ninja my

Sorry about that ninja my mistake.