Request: Chrono Trigger (maruchan's version) from Chrono Trigger

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Another arrangement from maruchan0208, just asking to be tabbed.
Come on guys, it's the main theme...

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Chrono trigger main theme (maruchan)

I've begun transcribing an accurate tab of his version, it still needs a lot of work so i wont be posting it but if anyone wants to help or see what i have so far let me know and i'll email the .pdf file

chrono trigger

I would like to help, can you send me the pdf file and tell me which parts you are working on please?

I finished my tab a few years

I finished my tab a few years ago and submitted it here but I guess the admins didn't find it complete enough but was good enough for me if you give me your email I can send it

Has anybody tried to tab

Has anybody tried to tab Maruchan's version of chronotrigger?