Request: Blinded by light from Final Fantasy XIII

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The battle theme to FF13, prefferably in guitar pro or power tab. Thanks

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I started work on this one a

I started work on this one a day or so ago. Should be finished with it tonight (learned it, just need to write it out). Won't be in either of those formats though; don't have powertab installed and gp5 and me don't get along when it comes to me creating things, BUT it will come with a video example. =)

I second this!

I'd like to know when it's done. I was working on one myself, but I started a new job and had a second kid.

=p it's been done

=p it's been done fo'eva.

Wasn't too pleased with how the recording came out, but it's close enough and the tab is solid. I've been meaning to redo a lot of the videos I've done, just haven't gotten around to it.