Request: Daydreaming Again from Final Fantasy 7 OCremix

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Hey everyone, just got myself an account, avid user of gametabs. Love the site, Archard!!!

Ok Enough shout-outing. I'm sure anyone familiar with the "Voices of the Lifestream" Ocremix album for FF7 has probably heard Pot Hocket's wonderful contributions, and if they haven't then they should check out and the link I posted as well.

I've seen a couple mentions of "Daydreaming Again" in some posts but it seems to have all but disappeared. "Sleep My Sephy" is a joy to have, but having both would be even better (if that's somehow possible).

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ajrock posted a WIP of this a

ajrock posted a WIP of this a while back that sounded pretty much spot on, but was never submitted. - you can get it there.