Request: fourside from earthbound


fourside bgm from the game earthbound on the snes thank you the person who has done my request!

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Working on this one now

The bass is already tabbed out by Onionman over at

I started transcribing the lead line, which I will probably finish this weekend. Not sure if I will get the harmony stuff, but I'll have something up soon

Rough lead

Here's a rough take on the lead- I haven't done a listen through to be sure, but I'll clean it up (and re-tab the bass, as Onionman's seems to differ from what I hear) at some point.

Fourside (Lead only, rough) [TXT]

Fourside (Lead only, rough) [GuitarPro]

Now with bass + lead

Fourside (Bass+Lead, rough)

Here is the bass line and lead horn line (laid out for bass and guitar.)

This includes Intro, Section A (repeats), Section B, and the Outro/loop bridge.

May complete with supporting harmony some other time.