Request: Darkness of Fear from Castlevania Judgment


First of all: hi o/

Now, the request: I'd like someone to tab this song, or make an arrangement, I dunno...

I'm providing a link to the MP3 music (on YouTube) and a link to a Mario Paint Music Video (on YouTube too). I think that if you can actually READ whats the Mario Paint is playing, it should be easier to write the song XD -> Song on MP3 quality -> Song on Mario Paint

Well, I hope you read this request, or at least hear the song. If you can, play the game, it's "as good as hell" (talking about Castlevania, that's good).

Thanks in advance.

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Well, it's been almost a month...

So, I'm bumping this request once (won't do this again).

I noticed I haven't asked for a specifc tab type, but I think it would sound better with ELECTRIC GUITAR.