Request: Final Boss from Sonic 3 and Knuckles

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Someone please tab this it's really cool and I can't find a tab for it so if someone tabs it please tell me

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Owww, this is one of best

Owww, this is one of best music of Sonic 3.
Well, this week I will try figured out that in guitar. [Some parts are probably very hard]
And when I finished ,I'll post here.

Oh no, you hurt yourself

Oh no, you hurt yourself again!

I agree though, this is a pretty good tune :-)

i started this a long time

i started this a long time ago but dont have the time to finish it, heres what i got if someone wants to use it to finish their tab
delicious bass


Hey cool I was looking for requests for tabs I already have and one was on the top of the list, and it's one of my all time favorite game songs to boot. I think the instrument layering in the main part of it's fantastic. Here's the complete song:

The File

Ok the cleaned file is up under the submissions topic and hopefully on the site soon. I had to go back through and make certain the whole piece was in common time and the tempo is the same throughout as well. Enjoy, messing with it again has reminded me how awesome that song is.