Request: Necropolis Town Theme from Heroes of Might and Magic III

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This song is played while staying on Necropolis.

Many don't think these kind of games would have playable music.
Still I would appreciate if someone did tab this song.

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Hi Divine Metaphysics, I know exactly the piece you're talking about, and it's one damn good piece. It would definitely be very difficult to play, and I normally transcribe several different tracks to be recorded and then mixed. I might try to tab it sometime in the future, but I already have a lot of pieces I am planning to transcribe and record, so it may be quite some time down the line. I will send you a message if anything comes of this.

Jamie (Faoiseamh)

Great, I'll be waiting for it

Great, I'll be waiting for it to appear.

No matter if it's transcribed to electric or classical guitar.
Those violin and harpsichord parts would sound great on both.