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I'm surprised out of all the anime tabs on this website that there is no Hunter x Hunter tabs. It was an amazing series with great music. Would be cool if someone could make fingerstyle tabs for this piece!

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148 episodes, all with the

148 episodes, all with the same opening song... I got a little burnt out on it myself lol
I'd still probably learn a tab but I really don't want to be the one to make it haha


Damn dude and you're the guy who makes all of my favorite tabs lmfao. It's true that the intro was for 148 episodes but I felt like every time I heard the opening come on I would get hype as hell. I never skipped an intro or ending.

Same here. I never skip the

Same here. I never skip the intro or outro songs xD
When I first watched HxH I marathoned all 148 eps and I heard that song so many times a day I was almost thinking about skipping it towards the end there lol.

I really loved the first ending song, though, and it always got me hyped for the next episode! I sincerely missed it when it was changed T_T

I know!

I loved the first ending too but you got to admit the second ending was pretty badass :P. I'm just hoping Togashi comes off of hiatus soon. The series has to go on :/

Definitely with you there. I

Definitely with you there. I hope he has some plans for Hisoka and the Troupe, although I've got a feeling this current arc is meant to develop Kurapika and Leorio's characters (since they were left out of the Chimera Ant arc) to put them on the same level (combat-wise) as Gon and Killua.

At least Kentaro Miura (Berserk) is currently off of hiatus!

I made a cover of Departure!

So I posted a cover of departure on youtube and will post the tabs after it gets to 200 views,it is a fingerstyle version, once I share the tab you guys can post it here (Or even I could post it, not sure, I'm new here =P

Nice one!

Good cover :D If you've got the tab for it you can submit it no problem. Just make a new topic in the Submissions forum section and link to your tab.

The Submission Guidelines has some more details: