Request: Round 12 (Maze) Theme from Wonderboy in Monster Land (Master System)

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Might seem maddening to those who could never solve the maze as a kid. A classic game tune nonetheless. For some reason in the youtube link the music seems low, I cant find a more suitable one though.

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I always loved the version of

I always loved the version of this tune from Dragon's Curse. And heck, all the music from Dragon's Curse :-)

Dragon's Curse version: MP3 of Turbografx version (my favorite)

I also found this: Wonder Boy 3 version (SMS): Youtube link

its Dragons Trap actually

and I like that version too but I always go with the original.

No, Dragon's Curse is the

No, Dragon's Curse is the name of the TG16 version. I didn't call it the Dragon's Trap because that's specific to the SMS version, and the one I like the music on is Curse, not Trap XD Though I know it's essentially the same game.