Request: Grit's Theme from Advance Wars

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Just got a new strat and started thinking it would be great to make a blues type of arrangement of this. However, I couldn't even figure out how to play most of it. If anyone could tab this I would be your slave, for life. Might be willing to even pay a small sum for anyone who can do this or Sol Sanctum from Golden Sun.

can also be found here:

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Got it, but...

... since there are a whole lot of triple notes within a 1/4th note, it's hard for tablEdit to view it properly in the .txt-file. If you're still interested I can pm it to you.

I did already do a tab of

I did already do a tab of this, but it's not that great

Rex made a recording of it

Sounds nice

... although I haven't opened your tab yet. It ís hard to tab Grit's theme since the melody goes all directions, up and down.

Your request has been

Your request has been fulfilled by trickypat!