Request: Heartbroken Maya from Phoenix Wright

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Not sure how this works, but anyway....
Well This song is a sort of remix from Gumshoe's theme in PW:AA
Which can be heard here
I think it sounds better, and in my opinion need more phoenix wright songs.
Phoenix Wright has one of the best soundtracks i've heard as a gamer, and i think that we really shouldn't waste it.
So yeah, I mean it doesn't have to sound EXACTLY the same, if you know what i mean.
Should be finger style though :) i mean the song won't work as a rock song.

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I made an arrangement ^-^

I made an arrangement ^-^ Does this satisfy your request?


I didn't expect someone to respond so quickly O_O""
And let alone someone as talented as you are...
That said, the tab is AWESOME. I didn't expect it to be that good ^-^ Honest.
I'm sure every PW fan here will agree as well, this is great. With more support in the PW series, slowly but surely, more PW arrangements will make their mark on GT. But for now, this will keep me busy :D