Recording: Megaman Zero 2 - Intro Stage: Departure

Submitted Mon, 03/09/2009 - 12:32
by redfender

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This is a much better cover than the last one. This time I try to use all of my fingers to play. All of the people who gave me tips and advice are credited at the end of the video. So hope you enjoy.

3 comments on Intro Stage: Departure

Shit yeah, all your fingers

Shit yeah, all your fingers are used! Just get used to doing that and it'll help immensely in future guitarin's.

Yeah, nicely done (:

Yeah, nicely done (:

For the beginning, you should

For the beginning, you should try playing it like this

and the second part like this

Some distortion would be nice also!

Be sure to alternate pick too, meaning picking up and down and up and down and repeat. Even if you change strings, you still pick the opposite direction of your last pick.