Recording: Final Fantasy 7 - Final Fantasy 7 main theme

Submitted Sat, 01/31/2009 - 17:13
by rattlehead334 | View the tab

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Me trying to play Been playing for one year. Tabs from Even though archard didnt make it i want to thank him for making the website. If it didnt exist i wouldent be as good at guitar or be playing at all.

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Only been playing a year, eh?


Only been playing a year, eh? That's pretty cool that you're getting into finger picking already. I didn't get into finger picking at all until like 3 years after I started playing.

Anyway, not bad for only a year's experience, unfortunately your guitar sounds a little out of tune. Just keep praciting and be sure to tune your guitar next time before you record.

i can see that its out of

i can see that its out of tune. sadly ever since my parents moved the house around i havent been able to find my tuner. so i tried doing it by ear. Also it would be appreciated if anyone here could check out my youtube channel and see some of my band covers.