Recording: Zelda Ocarina of Time - Title Screen - Zelda OoT (re-recorded)

Submitted Tue, 03/31/2009 - 13:47
by phil2890

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''Just did this very quickly. Sorry for the poor quality and mistakes, I only spent around 20 mins on this. It's my first time recording any guitar playing with multiple tracks.

Thanks :)''

I just re-recorded this song with what I think is better quality, still the same timing issues and stuff though :p

Also I noticed it's really quiet.


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Cool stuff, man. It was

Cool stuff, man. It was played really well. I actually almost missed this because so many videos got uploaded at once.

Anyway, what program do you record with? You should really look into some noise reduction options so that you can get rid of that annoying buzzing in the background.

Hey, thanks for the comment

Hey, thanks for the comment :)

I just used audacity to record it together quickly. The problem with the quality is that I used a microphone that is built into my laptop and it's really no good at all for recording like this. I'll look into buying some better equipment (or at least a seperate mic) sometime and give it another go. I'm going to put together a version of shieks theme next.

Once again thanks.

I just re-did this with a bit

I just re-did this with a bit better quality :)

I can also quickly write out some tabs and chords for this if anyone's interested?