Recording: DuckTales - The Moon

Submitted Thu, 06/25/2009 - 16:08
by Gnilp

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Cover of this legendary song from NES game DuckTales. All stuff by me.

I wanted to shoot somekinda video to show off my old Charvel that has a new gold paint on it. It's actually my first guitar and I totally love it now. I've pretty much changed everything on it and the new paint job was the final touch it needed. I have coil split options for both pups and I recorded this with the singlecoil on the neck pickup. I really like the crisp sound it gives.

I didn't have too much ideas for what to play so there's some weird stuff in there. I'll promise to put more effort in future videos :)

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Yeah yeah, Gnilp, the man


Yeah yeah, Gnilp, the man with the best electric recordings on this site.