Recording: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Detective Gumshoe

Submitted Fri, 07/10/2009 - 09:05
by Gnilp

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I decided to play Dick Gumshoe's theme song from Phoenix Wright series of games. I like this song because there's a cool bassline and Gumshoe is a totally epic character.

Other than the video that shows the lead guitar I played another lead that harmonises the guitar in video, one rhytm guitar track and then the bass. I'm not too great with a bass but I think I managed to play it rather well. Maybe.

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Actually, that's a


Actually, that's a stepladder.

Very boss. What do you use to


Very boss. What do you use to program your drums and other synth stuff?

Battery 3 for drums and FL

Battery 3 for drums and FL Studio 7 for synths.