Recording: Guilty Gear X2 - Blue Water, Blue Sky

Submitted Tue, 03/03/2009 - 16:13
by Gnilp

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This time I recorded direct as you can probably hear. Direct is nicer for the neighbours :)

All stuff by me.

This is the second video in the row where YouTube totally messes up the audio/video sync. I don't really like it 'cause it takes time to get things in sync and then it's all gone with the upload :(

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Awesome! Love the games, but



Love the games, but I actually don't like most GG songs. This is a definite exception and you really did it justice.

Something about the tone of the lead line didn't sound perfect, but it's definitely a 5-star. Sucks about the sync

Thanks. Yeah, I'm not too


Yeah, I'm not too fond of the lead tone either. I used some preset on Pod X3. I believe it was 80's Big Hair or something pretty close to that. Rhytm guitar tracks were also just presets on Pod. They were American Punk. :D