Recording: Final Fantasy IX - Vamo' Alla Flamenco

Submitted Wed, 04/01/2009 - 07:43
by Binarynova

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Here's another arrangement from the Final Fantasy Guitar Solo Collection book. This is a tough one. Most of the song is made up of fairly simple patterns but it's the jumping around that gives me the most trouble. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this. :)

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This was really good, though


This was really good, though the sudden changes in dynamics are a little off-putting. Are those marked, or is it supposed to stay even? They sounded intentional, so well done :-)

I can't remember now whether

I can't remember now whether or not they are marked, but that's just how I've always played it. :) Thanks for watching, glad you liked it.

EDIT: After looking back at the book I found that there are indeed no dynamics marked. :) I may have been a bit to excited about trying to get that kind of feel out of the strumming sections. ;)

Again, good job, brings back

Again, good job, brings back memories. Request for you to do Via Purifico from X. I think you'll do the song justice on that guitar.

P.S. I think you should add your own little variations to the songs instead of just replicating the stuff out of the book like lonlonjp does on youtube. Your guitar mechanics/technicallity + some creativity will bound to produce some good output.

Thank you for the great

Thank you for the great comment! I seem to have developed a habit of making minor variations on the endings of pieces. I sort of changed up the endings to each of the three I've uploaded that are from that book. That's definitely something I'd like to work more on though. Also, I'll check out Via Purifico again, haven't heard it in a while.

EDIT: Also, that level of personalization is something I'm trying out more and more in stuff that I'm arranging myself. Though, it's both tougher and easier than it seems. If that makes any sense.