Recording: Great Teacher Onizuka - Driver's High (solo)

Submitted Mon, 08/17/2009 - 00:38
by 1219sean

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Yes, more darkness and more sloppy playing.
I've never seen this anime before, but I was just browsing through the L'arc-en-ciel songs on Wikipedia and saw this was used in an anime. Giggling like a schoolgirl (yeah, hot), I rushed up to my room to record this thang. Cool solo. If only it wasn't bogged down by my atrocious playing and subpar guitar.

In unrelated "news", I am almost reaching my 1 year mark of playing the guitar. I picked one up around mid-late September 2008 and haven't stopped since!

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I thought it was pretty neat


I thought it was pretty neat nicely done, I'm going to give it bash too. You gotta watch the anime its Legendary.