Recording: Tales of Phantasia - Fighting of the Spirit

Submitted Thu, 03/02/2017 - 00:17
by wolfrain64

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Original Composers: Motoi Sakuraba

Acoustic Guitar - Yamaha APX500III
Electric bass - Dean edge E10APJ
Electric guitar - Ibanez GRGM21WH MIKRO
Glockenspiel - 27 Key Chromatic
Keyboard - M-Audio Keystation 49
Ocarina - 12 Hole C Major
Interface - Focusrite Scarlett 8i6
Camera - GoPro HERO4 Silver
Video Software - Sony Vega 13

DAW - Cubase 7
VSTs - HalionSonic SE
- Miroslav Phillharmonik
- Tweankbench Peach
- MT Power Drum Kit 2
- DSK Choirz
- Xpand!2

2 comments on Fighting of the Spirit

As always your production

As always your production values are top notch and the playing is spot on, awesome job sir.

On my work computer but I actually don't hear the Choirz at any point, do you have it playing along with the strings or keyboard?

the choirz are playing along

the choirz are playing along with the strings, very hard to hear on this take.
And Thanks for your kind words :)