Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Aerith's Theme

Submitted Mon, 05/21/2012 - 12:59
by wayfaerer | View the tab

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theres a couple fuck ups in here, and my technique still needs some work, but i think i did an okay job playing this arrangement. im still a fingerstyle noob haha.

also i apologize for low quality, this was recorded on my iPhone (also you may want to turn up your volume) and that beautiful back drop is courtesy of my desk, my phone kept sliding down off the book i had it propped against so i said fuck it and recorded as was.

and tips and pointers would be greatly appreciated, hope you all enjoy!

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Congratulations you finally

Congratulations you finally have as many recordings uploaded as I do.

achievement unlocked (10g) i

achievement unlocked (10g)

i plan to do some more eventually, when i get some downtime. thinking on doing naen's arrangement of the terra theme, i just need a capo.