Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Jenova Absolute

Submitted Tue, 10/16/2012 - 20:10
by Vulpes

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The video gained some problems during the export °_° my program everything is accurate, but after export it often stuck or is too fast at beginning of a clip or a bit shifted and asynchronous... but I think...that's not very relevant^__^

So, as I said, I´m new with mixing and stuff ... I played everything (jah, except the drums ;P ) with guitar... here are no orchestrals or even strings remaining which results in
maaany tracks of distorted guitars, up to four "leads" at the same time, so please don't bite me too hard ;P

Well, I changed some few spots, but just a little bit^^ Some discrete variation is allowed in a cover I think xD
Strings-3 are here Rhythm-guitars = deeper and a bit changed (I hate downtuning a guitar with FR = Floyd Rose = a pun in german = Freud Los -means: without fun xP );
The melody in the beginning of the second part is marginally shifted in rhythm (I got inspired from a tab I found Aeons ago in the ancient internet xD), so I hope it sound more like it's supposed to be for guitar and not strings... I hope you know what I mean^^ ...

Constructive criticisms are -as always- welcome =)

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this is pretty solid, always


this is pretty solid, always loved this song!
i have some opinions to share with you about the mixing though!
all of the guitar tones are too similar, in a recording with so many guitars you should try to vary the tones you use else it comes out sounding kind of plain D:
also the drums are a little quiet but that could be my headphones being a pair of butts, they have been quite butty lately

Thanks, also for the advices

Thanks, also for the advices :) Next time I spend more time in sounds before go continuing^_^

I also loved this song and the ending battle against that evil smurfette from outer space is sooo short xD

Are you Austrian? Just

Are you Austrian? Just curious, because you said "advices" and that reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Also TYL that Arnold is one devious bastard!

Haha no xD ...I think that

Haha no xD

...I think that mistake happens often to german-speaking people, we also have many words who are the same in singular and plural^_^ If you're not a native speaker, you forget it sometimes (or just don't know it^^) and use it, how it could be logical ;P

I don't like him either, just as the terminator xD his abilities as an actor are very limited...and as a governator... well... njet....

Awesome arrangement!


Awesome arrangement!

The drums are a bit quite but


The drums are a bit quite but I really like how you had them bounce from left to right, makes for a nifty effect whether I'm listnening through my sound system or my Sennhisers.

It did end a bit abruptly for my taste but it was still a badass cover and came out really clean :P

Don't forget to post this in the FF7 album section!

thanks!^^ Jah, they`re really

thanks!^^ Jah, they`re really a bit more quiet than intended, now that you all say it o_O I should do more breaks between mixing...ears are accustoming fast to soundings =)

This is good! Although I'd


This is good! Although I'd suggest dual tracking your rhythm guitar to make the track sound fuller. Also, the drums are a little plain, and a bit quiet. But overall, nice job!

Thanks =) I feel honored =^.

Thanks =) I feel honored =^. .^=

Well, I ever did multitrack-recording, but I think I overdid it this time in one way: I used the dual-functionality of the Podfarm. The mistake here seem to be, that I used too many different sounds/amps, so that in the end it doesn`t have the assertiveness to push the sound in the intended way... it turned to the opposite xD ...mhm...less is more...

...and jeah, I just saw that the drums are compressed too much...

I think, when I gained some more experience I`ll remix that thing ^__^

It's all about experience :)