Recording: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - Acceptance

Submitted Tue, 04/20/2010 - 10:38
by VizardAnshin

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This video contains scenes from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

I originally planned to do the cover with the vocals. If you watch the video carefully, I tried to match it with the lyrics. I changed my mind and went with the piano version instead. ^ ^

2 comments on Acceptance

you should really try to stop

you should really try to stop 'rocking' things up. songs like these have a distinct lack of electric guitar FOR A REASON! this song is supposed to be depressing and sad, but now you turned it into some kind of 80s power ballad.

all i'm saying is don't turn on the distortion all the damn time. a clean sound would've worked best for this song.

distortion can be sad too,

distortion can be sad too, this recording sounds nice :)