Recording: Earthbound - Mother 2 | Earthbound Medley

Submitted Wed, 06/24/2015 - 02:27
by tiger child

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An impromptu Mother 2 duet while my brother was visiting. A few minutes to know what we'd play and off we went.

Pollyanna/Home Sweet Home/Twoson...or something like that.

Sorry for the errant noise, it was very hot and that fan needed to be on. It wasn't really recorded for audio quality anyway, simply to be enjoyed and for posterity.

Nothing says brother-time like Earthbound.

3 comments on Mother 2 | Earthbound Medley

I really like the "brothers


I really like the "brothers sharing music" mood and the "hot day" mood.
And, as usual, your music is just awesome xD
BTW, the last second of the video was quite unexpected lol

thank you! if we lived closer

thank you! if we lived closer to each other, we'd probably record/play often. someday someday.

Yeah, It'd be sooo nice ^o^

Yeah, It'd be sooo nice ^o^