Recording: Dragonball Z - Opening Theme (Buu Saga)

Submitted Wed, 09/24/2014 - 19:31
by ThomasL757 | View the tab

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a cover of the opening theme of the buu saga from dragon ball z. check out my youtube for more vids 757trltrl757.

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Pretty sure they used this

Pretty sure they used this for opening of all of Z, although that could just be Ocean dub version I saw.

I think so as well I just


I think so as well I just figured I go by what the tab said

Pretty sure ocean studios


Pretty sure ocean studios used "Rock the Dragon" for their intro and so did Cartoon Network's airing of DBZ.
Rock the Dragon
such a fun little song to play :D

Then they used this song he tried to play during the BUU Saga.
@Thomas - Not too bad of playing tho, I'd say you need to work on your timing by playing along with the song some more :)