Recording: Chrono Cross - Prisoners of Fate

Submitted Sat, 05/14/2016 - 12:54
by thedstring | View the tab

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Here's my own arrangement of "Prisoners of Fate" from Chrono Cross

It's a little shorter, but I really love this one. It also appeared on the Pixel Mixers new album "Clockwork". I hadn't put it up on YouTube til now, so here it is!

Here's the original:

The tab is linked above, and right here:

3 comments on Prisoners of Fate

Lovely <3


Lovely <3

Great definitely has it's own


Great definitely has it's own flavor while retaining the sound of the original. Although I would recommend to not use arpeggio all the time but use the accordingly to the current "feel". It's something I've noticed in my own playing as well but arpeggio imo sound much better in a buildup or fadeout situation while simply plucking all notes at the same time give a more powerful expression which imo fits better for the main part.

Just something to think about. 5 star playing nonetheless.

Ha! I didn't notice I did

Ha! I didn't notice I did that in this song, but you're right =)