Recording: Final Fantasy VIII - Blue Fields

Submitted Sun, 11/18/2012 - 21:49
by thedstring | View the tab

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This is the music on Final Fantasy VIII when you're walking around on the world map. Always been one of my favorite songs.

The original song can be heard here
An awesome orchestral version here

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Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
tabbed by Stamen47

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Not bad at all. Really


Not bad at all.
Really interesting arrangement. Nice job dude.

The arrangement is

The arrangement is Stamen47's, just to be clear.

Good job! You've got a nice

Good job! You've got a nice handle on dynamics, I can hear you really putting yourself into what you play. It's probably the most rare and important talent a musician can have, imo.

Thanks! That's a huge

Thanks! That's a huge compliment! Its funny too cause I don't have the song memorized, I didn't look at the guitar once the whole song, I was reading off the sheet music in front of me. I think I'll work on an awesome arrangement of Eyes On Me next.

I've really been on a final fantasy viii kick lately

I never look at the guitar

I never look at the guitar pretty much haha, I kind of just read the tabs straight. As a result, I don't remember many songs, but I can generally pick up new ones pretty quick. And it's funny you mention Eyes on Me, I uploaded a recording of it a few days ago . I might upload some more stuff to this site in youtube format, I just don't want to post too much in a short period of time.

I just listened to your song,

I just listened to your song, very awesome man! I loved it! I have another version I'd like to record, will compliment yours nicely =)

And i'm the same, I don't memorize anything anymore, I write some stuff requiring multiple instruments, so memorizing one instrument would sound incomplete.

If you like this song you

If you like this song you would probably like the tab I made of "A Song for Time" from final fantasy 13-2. Even if you haven't played it, there's a lot of awesome complex chords.

Sweet, thanks for the tab,

Sweet, thanks for the tab, I'll definitely ry it out.

I almost have this song

I almost have this song practiced enough to do a new version without reading it off the paper. Should sound a bit better =)

(From your comment in the


(From your comment in the other thread): It's true, I had listened to it before, but I think in a more cursory way, and obviously my other comment here isn't about the performance itself. So!

Really enjoy this performance. Almost 100% clean, which aside from being "holy crap how long did you practice this" imo more important than speed. Playing this cleanly without looking at the fretboard escapes me; although, for a piece this complex I can understand that remembering the exact notes might be more of the bottleneck.

Definitely agree with Choogly that this sounds very musical. Very relaxing. As it's a remix-degree arrangement, I have to remind myself that it's *supposed* to not sound exactly like the original. And when I do that, it becomes a very, very nice work of art.

The following is more a compliment to Stamen47: that it reminds me a bit of Alex Degrassi--but you bring it out very well.