Recording: Final Fantasy VIII - Blue Fields

Submitted Mon, 07/14/2014 - 06:11
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Is this the old one, for

Is this the old one, for memories, or a new one?

new 1

new 1

This comment is concerning

This comment is concerning all three of the recordings you posted and not necessarily just this one. You play these pretty well, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

Do you count and use a metronome? Your rhythm is fairly steady but I feel like it's more due to the faster tempo you're taking. When it comes to longer note values, it seems like you're feeling the duration more than counting them out.

I think in general, you need to take a much slower tempo. You're good enough to play some very difficult things very fast, but such a fast tempo isn't allowing you to play cleanly. A slower tempo will allow you to focus more on things like dynamics, vibrato, and color changes which aren't very present in these recordings. There are a lot of buzzes, flubs, notes cut short, and general mistakes that probably would have been prevented if you took a tempo that you were more capable of.

Beyond the tempo issues, you should work on bass/melody/inner voice separation. Your tone is decent enough, but could be improved greatly. Spend like five minutes every time you bust the guitar out to try to get the best tone you can from a single note. Experiment with angle of attack and go for consistency of tone with all of your fingers. At this point, you should be more concerned with the quality of your playing rather than playing something difficult and fast.

Find some easy pieces and work on tone, dynamics, articulation, connectivity, voice separation, sustain, tempo control (things like rubato and consistency), and general cleanliness. Take a slow tempo and focus on one or two of these at a time.

Room for improvement, sure,


Room for improvement, sure, but still sounds great to me, really relaxing :)