Recording: Guilty Crown - The Everlasting Guilty Crown

Submitted Mon, 01/23/2012 - 10:38
by StrangeJam

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And lol how did this vanish?. OWELL.
Yesterday I felt like covering this song, albeit I didn't really grind guitar in the past 5 months as I had originally planned lolol. I pretty much didn't touch my guitar at all. BUT SCREW IT. enjoy.

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haha ;D, sweet cover~ if i


haha ;D, sweet cover~

if i have too much time and i decide to play guitar the whole time, i as well get nothing done^^~

its the time i feel pressure from life, im escaping to the guitar and somehow get better at it each time x)

screw exams, guitar time!
screw learning, guitar time!
screw this job, guitar time!
screw this project, guitar time!

btw. nice to see you reopening!