Recording: Final Fantasy VII - The Flow of Life (Lifestream theme)

Submitted Mon, 04/30/2012 - 12:30
by srvjimiandkurt

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I think the first 40 seconds is the best part. I recommend using headphones to listen to it.

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I love the backing track -


I love the backing track - it's nice to see people experimenting with textures, rather than sticking to the whole 'band ensemble' thing. I really think the overdriven/distorted guitar lets it down though, but then I don't like distortion anyway. I think a more subtle, clean lead (perhaps with some slight reverb) would sound way better. Perhaps you can make an additional clean version?

Oh, and the intro is mint!

Do you not like the

Do you not like the distortion only on the lead guitar? If that's the case, I will probably make another version. But all the tracks have some distortion on them. The background tracks, I don't feel like recording those again. The only thing though is that a clean lead part over all that distorted noise in the back may sound really weak and thin. I'll give it a shot sometime later this week, although I'd probably put a good amount of delay on that. Thanks to both of you for listening and commenting.

Yeah I was only speaking in

Yeah I was only speaking in terms of lead guitar. Just do what you can - I'd be interested to hear it with a clean lead.

Clean version is uploaded.

Clean version is uploaded.

^I agree with that first


^I agree with that first sentence...nice recording, dude!