Recording: The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker - Grandma's Theme

Submitted Sun, 01/18/2015 - 13:32
by SlashBib

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Hi everyone !

I don't remember if I said this before : this cover and the next one will be part of the album created by the community in tribute to the TLOZ series. This album will be available in February.

FYI, i've pick two songs to do for this album. This one and an other from Ocarina of Time (a really great one ^^). See you soon for the next =)

For now let's rock grandma !

Download link :

Arranged and performed by SlashBib
Composer : Junichi Masuda

Lead Guitar : Schecter Demon 7
Rhythm Guitar : Schecter Demon 7
Acoustic Guitar : Fender CD-60
Bass : Epiphone Toby Deluxe-V Bass
Interface : Line6 Pod Studio UX1
Audio Software : Reaper 4
Mastering : Izotope Ozone 5
Drums : Toontrack Ezdrummer Metal Machine
Video : GoPro Hero3+ Silver
Mon profil Twitter :
Page Facebook de la chaƮne :

1 comment on Grandma's Theme

Grandma did get rocked !


Grandma did get rocked !