Recording: Lufia 2 - Fortress of Doom

Submitted Sun, 06/13/2010 - 12:08
by skor

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Nice! One thing though.


One thing though. When you're doubling a track and you don't remove it from the original, any slight intonation issues will be REALLY, REALLY magnified, because you'll hear the dissonance between yours and the original. The intonation on your guitar isn't quite right, so as you go further up the neck, notes get a little more out of tune. So this starts out sounding pretty decent, but then on a few notes in particular, like the high E at :21, it hurts a bit.

Set your intonation. Your notes need to be properly intonated, but on top of that, use vibrato :-) If a note is flat and you're in the middle of the song, bend the string a little to bring it up.

This song is not called Fortress of Doom. It is called The Last Duel. "Fortress of Doom" is the title of the Lufia 1 ver.