Recording: Phantasy Star IV - Phantasy Star IV - Take Off! Landeel

Submitted Fri, 03/05/2010 - 23:09
by Shade

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I wish somebody would make a tab for me, for this. I have the beginnings of it and i know my playing isnt exact with what i have written, but really i need help with the time markers..its a tricky song, gotta hear the original to know why im having so much trouble with it. this song is so fun to play.

2 comments on Phantasy Star IV - Take Off! Landeel

hey!!! not bad at all sounds

hey!!! not bad at all sounds great...I wish I could help you out tabbing it but I don't have any tabbing skills yet. I would enjoy learning this song tho.

Beautiful guitar you got there what kind is it?

Cool sleeve. Your playing


Cool sleeve. Your playing sounds pretty good, you can improve your technique at a lot of parts. I suggest not letting your left hand's thumb come up like that. Keep it under the neck to help your fretting be much easier on yourself.

Oh by the way, what model of classical is that?