Recording: Mega Man 3 - Get Weapon

Submitted Fri, 09/23/2011 - 06:25
by Sgt Reed

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One of the most awesome tunes in NES history.

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how did you pull of that fast

how did you pull of that fast riff?! haven't found anyone else able to do that yet...
a few of the notes in one tab here are off in that quick section

Which tab? Spaded's? I

Which tab? Spaded's? I think you'll find that all of Spaded's tabs are either wrong or have terrifying string choices :-D I think he made them all by using a MIDI to tab converter thing, rather than transcribing.

Anyway, I'm not Reed, but I thought I'd share how I play the fast part:

e ------------------------|------------------------------14-------17-16----|------------------------
B ------------------------|------------15-------17----------------------17-|------------------------
G ------------------------|11-14-13-11----14-11----16-13----18-14----------|------------------------
D 16----19----18----19----|------------------------------------------------|16----19----18----19----
A ------------------------|------------------------------------------------|------------------------
E ------------------------|------------------------------------------------|------------------------

I included the stuff before/after to show that I shift at the beginning, since I find that easier. (Shifting back down at the end seems pretty awkward to me). So I put the stuff around it around 16th position rather than 11th position for that reason.

I thought we shit canned all

I thought we shit canned all of spadeds tabs. Did some get spared?

I think we just talked about

I think we just talked about it. I think I deleted the one we were talking about, but never all of them.

Do people want them all gone? I could go delete them.

EDIT: Nevermind. I made the decision myself. I unpublished all of them. (They're still there, though, just hidden.)

Aha, yes that's how i've been

Aha, yes that's how i've been playing it except i play the last 12 notes as 4 sets of triplets, same frets as you wrote except one
I do 19 instead of 14 so it keeps the same form for three of the triplet sets
I'm by no means a speed guitarist yet, i can get it clean at 60% speed... Practice cactus till 90%!

Hi! Haven't been to this site

Haven't been to this site in awhile so I just saw your comment.
Are you asking about the tab or just how I played it?
The way I was able to play was just hours and hours of practice and
failed attempts until I finally got it right. I haven't played it since
I recorded that so I doubt I could do it now at least without practice.
As for the tab I just used the same program you do, g-nsf.