Recording: Various - 2009 VGM Medley

Submitted Fri, 01/01/2010 - 05:18
by SalemJeanette

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1.- Pollyana
2.- Dancing Mad
3.- Final Bowser Theme
4.- Vammo a la Flamenco
5.- Another Arni
6.- Castle Cornelia
7.- Birth of a God
8.- Innocent Sea
9.- Romance de Amor
Last one is not a vgm but it just happened

10 comments on 2009 VGM Medley

This video was going to be 10

This video was going to be 10 mintues long since it will be my last but i couldnt handle the pain and had to stop suddendly. Recently i've developed a serious health condition, reason for me to stop.
Anyway i want to thank:
archard for creating gametabs, i wish you the best in your carreer man.
Auriplane who is one of the most talented persons i know, she made a pollyana tab and the gilligan island theme song just minutes after i requested them, one of a kind lady also wish you the best and hope you can make your life with music.
surreal who accepted to have a guitar duel with me, i hope we can do another deathmatch again.
kabukibear who is another one of a kind person. he arranged dancing mad tier 1 and 2 which inspired me to finish 3 and 4. never thought that song would be possible on solo guitar, he also offers good musical advice, same as auri wish you the best with music.
Vic9mm who is a funny idiot, had a great time fighting with you bro.
Jacob who tabbed a lot of touhou songs which a enjoy
Maikoi who linked me to some amazing guitar videos.
Thiago who is a good friend, sadly he is to busy with university.
cachua who is another good friend, he tabbed me some songs and he is one stylish guitarrist.
Juja who have some good taste in boobies.
Yoshi, had some good anime chats with you hope your doing great.
rat in a cage, another good friend who is too busy with school.
natenmn, i hope you can reach the guitar level you want, somme amazing arragements you made this year and all those lonlonjp tabs.
Trangoul start playing legend of legaia, you must.
BooDoo hope you had a blast in magfest
and everyone who took 5 minutes to watch my videos.
I had a great 2009 and i wish you all the best this 2010.
By the way my Selene strings are old and all teared down from practice, hope the sound isnt that bad.
The other songs that i couldnt play were Suteki da ne, Theme of love from FF4, Chateau Ladutornm, Mario world castle theme, Final Fantasy XIII battle theme, one more time one more chance and Yuna's ballad.

I am having an excellent time

I am having an excellent time at MAGFest, thank you for your thoughts.

I'm really saddened to hear about your health, and hope this is only a temporary affliction.

Hope to see you healthy and playing again soon, and I hope you will still be around the site. Your presence would be sorely missed.

I like it! Nice work. I read


I like it! Nice work.

I read all of your comment, haha that was pretty cool.

Well done there sir. Heal

Well done there sir. Heal fast.

Salem, I hope that your

Salem, I hope that your condition isn't something dire. I hope you heal quickly, because we love you, man, all of us.

Cool recording dude,there was


Cool recording dude,there was even a bonus pooch lurking in the background x) Yeah get better soon!

Salem... Thank you for


Salem... Thank you for considering me as a friend and I hope you get well as quickly as possible to continue playing beautiful songs on your guitar.
I wish you all that is good and you succeed in your life.
Happy 2010 my friend.

Salem- That was great playing


That was great playing and I sincerely hope you get better soon.
When you do, we'll record the Final Fantasy XIII Battle theme together.
Take care, buddy.

That was awesome Salem! Happy


That was awesome Salem!
Happy 2010!

I will keep you in my prayers


I will keep you in my prayers guitar brother.